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Sunday, March 25, 2012


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Wow. I can't imagine a teacher taking away everyone's recess. As a parent, that would drive me nuts. As a first grade teacher (in my previous before-kids-years), I couldn't imagine the behavior problems I would have if I kept kids inside all day. I remember observing one teacher that routinely kept kids inside or as she said, "owed her their recess." Now as a mom, with a child that has sensory processing needs, I have come to learn how physical activity helps Luca to settle down and work. I wonder if NY is working on legislation on getting schools to require a mim. amount of recess/physical activity time? I believe Sophie has two recesses, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, plus a short lunch one.

Thanks for sharing, Leah!

Leah Lefler

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. We're in NY state, but KINDERGARTEN runs from 8:50am-3:15pm with only one 30 minute recess for the entire day. Recess is often removed as a blanket punishment for some slight infraction - a child talks in line, so the entire class loses recess. It is insane - there are better ways of handling a single child's "misbehavior" (remember, we are pushing down rigorous academic requirements to children who are merely five years old) than by removing physical activity.

Punishing a child for a parent's tardiness (in elementary school, the fault is not the child's) is ridiculous. It can't bring around any results, since the person being punished has no control over remedying the problem.


I think principals and other administrative personnel need to have more face-to-face communication with parents, be it one-on-one, a formal or informal hallway meeting or in large group formats.

Unfortunately, recess is viewed as students "free time" and is often the first thing taken away. Disruptive in class. No recess. Forgot homework. No recess. Late for school. No recess. (This does not happen in kindergarten at our school, but I know it does at others.) Kids need the down time, the time to work off stresses from the day and the healthy benefits of physical activity.

Also, we now have an epidemic of obesity on our hands. Yes, kids need to be to school on time, turn in home, work in class, I just feel there are more effective ways of teaching those things than taking away recess.


Do you really think it's practical for the principal to sit down with every parent who brings their kid late to school?

I agree with the importance of physical activity on a child's learning, but arguably more important is simply being present at school (which is the whole reason why being tardy is a big deal).

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